Thursday, April 8


is it ? ;P

6 things to do before you attend your class
1) wash my face
2) brush my teeth, take wudhu' n perform Subuh's prayer
3) take a bath of course ;)
4) put my best attire n shawl on ;)
5) put everythg i need into my lil bag ;)
6) waiting for the bus(something that i have to do everyday.......bored lol.....) 'o',

6 things to do before you sleep
1) wash my face again ;)
2) brush my teeth n wash my feet :P
3) on9 . heheh ;P
4) text to my most important people in my life 'gudnite.... love u!muah...' (u noe who they are)
5) woolgather (berangan lah apa lg !) hik3 :P
6) close my eyes n ZZZzzzzzzz (-.-)

6 things to do before you married
1) find a good job to collect money ;)
2) find a suitable n soleh man (insya'Allah) who can lead me to a better life in this world and also in the eternal world ;)
3) spend most of my time with my family n frenz ! as after being married i'd to follow wherever my future hubby will go . huhuk sob T_T
4) get to know MORE about him n his family perhaps.... well yeah of course..... HAHA
5) keep myself safe and good b4 getting married..... especially from my future hubby.....
6) and lastly , i'll pray hard and tawakkal as we can only plan , but ALLAH is the ONE who make it real ;)

6 things to do before you having a child
1) plan it ! when to have our first child LOL ;P
2) find a suitable name for him/her
3) pray hard to Allah so nothing bad will happen
4) enjoy life with my hubby as a 'single couple'
5) attending counsellings with my hubby about being a good parent perhaps ;)
6) prepare all the things that might be needed after having a child n so on

Your 6 favorite numbers
1) eight
2) zero
3) two
4) seven
5) five
6) ten

List down the 6 things you hated in life
1) depressions ! =.='
2) anything that related to FAMILY PROBLEM
3) a happy situation turning into a pathetic situation :'(
4) backstabber.....really HATE it....!! ( i hope i'm not one of them too)
5) player ( both gurl or boy )
6) fake hope = something or someone that giving me a TRUE hope but then vanishes the hope b4 it comes true (T_T)

List down 6 things about yourself
1) a family person and my beloved (they are is my priority!)
2) average ( not-so-cute )
3) a vengeful child (like seriously ;P)
4) love myself more now ;)
5) i'm a naughty girl.....always make m**z tension with me.... huhuhuhu
6) emo . yeah ;)

The 6 things you want to do before you died
1) realized my family hopes , make them proud of who i am !
2) become a successful Biomedical Electronics my family's hope.... (amin! ) :D
3) get married ( wahahahaha :D )
4) perform Haj with my parents n future family ( InsyaAllah )
5) i hope i do can truly repent myself b4 i died ( aminn )
6) live happily ever after with my beloved family ;)

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  • jalan2 bersama org y trsayang... =)
  • picnic ngn y trsayang......bestnye.....
  • merakam detik2 manis bersama org tersayang... =]
  • time xduk umah, suke gayut ngn si kenit ngn budak udoh
  • do something creative....suke sgt!!
  • kdg2 baca novel....
  • online....facebooking..... blogging..... cari cite2 baru untuk dimuatkan lam blog dan note fb.......... ;-)

Nikmatnya hidup ini....

Nikmatnya hidup ini....
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